Triton, an American Gujarati-owned company, will build an electric car in Gujarat to inspire Tesla

Tesla’s name is known in the world of electric cars and now a Gujarati businessman has started preparing to compete with it. Triton, a US-based company owned by Himanshu Patel, a native of Borsad in Gujarat, will manufacture electric cars in Gujarat. The Gujarat government and the company will sign an agreement on April 4. We will come to Gujarat for the first manufacturing plant. We plan to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant of 3 million square feet on more than 600 acres of land here.

Interview with Chief Minister of Gujarat

Himanshu Patel said that some time ago we came to Gujarat and met the then Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel. We had a detailed discussion with the Chief Minister about the electric car manufacturing plant. In Gujarat, we are thinking of manufacturing both trucks and cars.

Establish a complete network for EVs in Gujarat

Himanshu Patel said that along with EV car production in Gujarat, we will also set up a network for electric vehicles. We will soon be in talks with battery manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers and charging station manufacturers. According to the company’s website, Triton manufactures electric cars, trucks and defense vehicles.

Triton had earlier signed an agreement with Telangana

The company had entered into an agreement with the Telangana government in June 2021 to set up a manufacturing plant. However, for some reason, there was no success in starting this project. The company has about Rs. It was expected to invest Rs 2,000 crore and the project could have created 25,000 new jobs. However, now that the project is coming to Gujarat, the same number of jobs will be possible in Gujarat.

Who is Himanshu Patel?

Himanshu Patel, a native of Borsad near Anand in Gujarat, has been involved in the electronics and electric vehicle sector in the US for almost a decade and a half. He has formed two companies, Triton Solar and Triton EV. Triton Solar works on power storage and batteries while Triton EV manufactures electric cars and trucks. In addition, Congressman Pete Sessions has appointed Indian-American Himanshu B. Patel as his chief economic development and energy infrastructure adviser for his Crypto Technical Working Group.