Video Resume: How to make a professional video resume? Know the whole points step by step

The video resume provides the employer with additional input, such as the applicant’s communication and presentation skills, and this helps them to make better decisions.

The inclusion of a video resume as a complement to your text resume adds value to your job application. While it is not mandatory to attach a video resume to your application, it is beneficial to attach a video resume for certain roles such as television reporter, news anchor, public relations officer, radio jockey, actor, teacher, soft skill trainer, front-office executives. This is because the video resume provides additional input to the employer, Such as the applicant’s communication and presentation skills, and this helps them to make better decisions.

The video resume should be short and intended to tell the employer about the specific skills and experiences of the applicant that match the needs of the employer. The applicant can create a general video resume or a specific video resume depending on the job he is applying for. Multiple video resumes can be created if the applicant is multi-talented and needs to use a specific video resume against each application.

To create a video resume, the applicant must first create a script. The script should be designed according to the employer’s requirements. For example, let’s say the employer is looking for a UI / UX designer, the script should focus on UI / UX design skills and experiences. If the employer is looking for someone who has experience in both product and UI / UX design, the applicant should mention both skills.

The applicant should carefully read the job roles and responsibilities given in the advertisement before creating the video resume script. For example, if the employer is looking for a digital media marketing executive, the applicant must first self-assess whether he or she is suitable for the role. This is because it is often seen that sometimes an applicant applies for a job for which he is not suitable.

When you’re done with your script, prepare yourself to create professional videos. First, you should dress like a professional. A formal get-up is recommended to record a video resume. Hire a professional cameraperson, use a caller mic for audio, the lighting should be appropriate and the background should be clean and professional.

Lighting should be exactly on the face of the applicant, avoiding light on half face. Remember that if the video resume is not made professionally it can lead to an adverse decision by the employer. Be instinctive when recording your video, you should show confidence. Look into the camera lens while recording. The camera should be located at eye level.

A professional video resume maker edits video clips to ensure there is no repetition of sentences or any background noise. If the resume is shot on a green or blue background, Edit uses some professional virtual backgrounds to give the video a professional look.

Most online learning platforms require two-three minute video demonstrations by teachers. The purpose is to test teachers’ communication as well as presentation skills. To make a video for these purposes, you should create a good script and practice several times in front of a mirror before going for the final recording.

Although applicants try to record the video themselves, it is advisable to have it done by a professional cameraperson or use proper lighting and a camera for recording. If you’re recording a video resume or an introductory video, make sure you’re using a professional camera, caller microphone, and proper three-point lighting system. All these tools are readily available on eCommerce platforms.

Video resume length should not exceed 90 seconds. For the learning platform, the introduction video is 120-180 seconds. Once you’ve finished creating your video resume or introduction video, try to get feedback from your peer group. You need more than luck to succeed in the affiliate business.

If this is a professional video resume, share it with potential employers. Always remember to send a text or paper resume along with your video resume. The video resume is just a compliment. Do not mention any new skills or experiences in the video resume that are not mentioned in your text resume. Professional video resumes can increase your chances of being called for an interview.


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